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IPA hosts ‘e-commerce cluster’ seminar, gearing up for business

2017.10.10. 411

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[September 20th, 2017, Incheon, Republic of Korea]

The ‘e-commerce cluster’ within Aam Logistics 2 Complex that is being implemented by Incheon Port Authority is expected to kick off.  


Incheon Port Authority (, CEO Nam Bong Hyeon) revealed on the 20th that ‘e-commerce cluster’ business seminar will be held for logistics companies in the field of domestic and overseas e-commerce at 14:00 on the 22th. Participants would board Incheon Port Authority’s PR Cruise, “Econuri’ to look around New International Passenger Terminal and Aam Logistics 2 Complex from the sea while listening to the development plan and others.  


According to Incheon Port Authority (IPA), e-commerce cluster project which is being implemented following the expansion of China’s e-commerce (direct purchase, reverse direct purchase etc.) market scale is a new project that is being attempted for the first time in Korea. IPA is planning to create an ‘e-commerce cluster’ on approximately 920,00 in Aam Logistics 2 Complex which is expected to begin supply in 2019. 


Incheon Port’s International Passenger Terminal 1 and 2 which connects 10 main cities in the metropolitan regions of South Korea and North China through car ferries currently will be integrated and transferred to the vicinity of the site concerned by the end of 2019 and Incheon Port Customs Control is also expected to be installed around this site. Therefore, express marine cargo to China meeting the characteristics of e-commerce industry can be materialized by utilizing car ferries and the advantages include short logistics flow and quick custom clearance time and others. Moreover, Incheon International Airport can be accessed in 30 minutes on land so IPA claims that it is an optimal site for e-commerce as commodities can be handled simultaneously on sea and in air. 


IPA has invited over 50 executives and employees of key companies handling domestic and overseas e-commerce goods on board ‘Econuri’ to host the seminar. IPA will introduce the master plan of Incheon Port’s e-commerce cluster, incentives of the companies moving in and will hold a business networking time to exchange opinions with the participants.   


IPA plans to analyze the needs of the companies moving in through continuous preliminary promotions and up-close discussions in order to encourage active participation of domestic and overseas e-commerce companies.  


Kim Jong Gil, the direction of Logistics Strategy Bureau of IPA stated that “Through this seminar, we are going to vividly deliver the information on ‘e-commerce clusters’ to potential investors” and “through business agreements with companies that wish to move in, we will secure stable demand and also create the biggest marine specialized complex in Korea by working directly with relevant institutes and operators.”


* Inquiries : Person in charge of seminar at Incheon Port Authority’s Logistics Strategy Bureau 032-890-8214