Golden Harbor Project

2016.01.28. 2486

A new voyage for change is about to begin.


The one place, Golden Harbor!


New values and experiences beyond imagination –


To be enjoyed by global citizens -


The One Place – Golden Harbor


(Subtitle: The One Place, Golden Harbor)


[Body01] (Subtitle: Location Status & Site Characteristics)


(Subtitle: HafenCity, Germany, City Harbour, Hong Kong, and the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, are to be joined by Golden Harbor, Korea.)


Golden Harbor is coming to Incheon, the city adjacent to Seoul in the vicinity of Incheon International Airport.


(Subtitle: Located close to Seoul, Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggido, Seoul Station, Gimpo International Airport, Incheon International Airport, Area)


Golden Harbor, which is the only port near Korea’s capital Seoul boasts outstanding accessibility.


(Subtitle: Incheon Bridge Expressway, Gyeongin Expressway, Seoul Outer Circular Expressway, 2nd Gyeongin Expressway, 3rd Gyeongin Expressway, Incheon Line 1, Incheon IC, Okryeon IC, Songdo IC, Songnae IC)


Golden Harbor will be accessed by three million people through the new Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal, which will be reborn into a world-class port, with global tourists arriving through Incheon International Airport, located only 15 minutes away, and with 25 million people from the Seoul metropolitan area arriving via the Outer Circular Expressway and subways.


(Subtitle: Car Ferry Demand Forecast (1,000 people), Cruise Demand Forecast (1,000 people), Car ferry: 2.2 million, Cruise: 640,000))


(Subtitle: Forecast of Car Ferry and Cruise Passengers in 2030)


(Subtitle: Incheon Portion International Passenger Terminal)

(Subtitle: 15 minutes from airport)


(Subtitle: Incheon Bridge, Incheon International Airport)


Accessibility for Populations in Adjacent Regions -> 25 million in Metropolitan area by subway -> Direct access from Outer Circular Expressway


(Subtitle: Subway, 1st Gyeongin Expressway, 2nd Gyeongin Expressway, 3rd Gyeongin Expressway, 2nd Outer Circular Expressway)


The Golden Harbor is located within Songdo, the center of a free economic zone where global organizations are located.


(Subtitle: Investment Incentives for Incheon Free Economic Zone: 100% deduction in corporate taxes for 3 years, 100% deduction in acquisition taxes for 15 years)


(Subtitle: Songdo International Hospital, Songdo Arts Center, Songdo Convencia, Northeast Asia Trade Tower, Ghent University, Yonsei Global Campus, Korea University of New York, Songdo International City PEZ )


The project is being led by the government-funded Incheon Port Authority to be a project that represents Korea.


(Subtitle: Public Corporation, Corporate Bond Credit Rating, Assets: 2.6679 trillion KRW)


Enjoy the new opportunities, potential for success and the reliability of a public corporation that Golden Harbor offers.


[Body 02] Development Plans & Programs


Golden Harbor will be developed in two phases: Phase 1 creating the space for dynamic urban life with a harmony of shopping and entertainment,


Phase 1 (2015); Dynamic shopping & entertainment space and Phase 2 creating a getaway destination as a multi-functional resort town.


Phase 2 (2017): Multi-functional resort town – Getaway destination


The primary portion of Phase 1 is the hotel and multi-functional shopping mall area, connected directly to the new International Passenger Terminal.


The multi-functional shopping mall is conveniently connected directly to the subway.


In Golden Harbor, you can enjoy an urban lifestyle and shopping in Korea’s largest multi-functional shopping mall.


After shopping, unique and elegant street shops plus an Urban Entertainment Center, which offer exciting and dynamic experiences, are waiting for you.


The waterparks and condos will take you on unique experiences away from your everyday life.


Resort-tel, where you can enjoy the ocean view and city skylines –


Waterfront F&B with stunning scenery of the ocean -


At Golden Harbor, you can enjoy all these in a single complex.


2nd floor pedestrian deck


Luxury hotels and a world-class multi-functional resort with convention facilities will be built in Phase 2.


A moment of peace and a luxurious life with a view of the sunset over the ocean!


The luxury condos and villas will complete Golden Harbor as a refined vacation destination.


Subject to Investment Immigration, Residential Rights granted to foreign investors with over 700 million KRW in investments, Permanent residency granted 5 years later)


A place where everything unprecedented is about to take place!


Golden Harbor will become a world-class destination that offers new experiences and joy.


A new voyage for change has already begun.


The global spotlight is now set on Golden Harbor.


A place of new changes, new business and a future planned for you.


The One Place, Golden Harbor