North Port Hinterland Complex (North)

North Port Hinterland Complex(North)

  • Location : 435, 436, and 439-1 Wonchang-dong, Seo-gu Incheon
  • Area : 178,355.5㎡ (177,188.9㎡/miscellaneous land, 1,166.6㎡/bank)

Development Conditions

  • (Logistics Site Occupancy Demand) The process of inviting companies to settle in the export and import logistics site of the Bukincheon Multipurpose Complex (south) has been completed. The cargo capacity for each area of each logistics center has been exceeded so there is a great demand for an additional logistics site.
  • (Background Traffic Network System Establishment) Developing and establishing the hinterland traffic network based on the straightening of the Gyeongin Expressway and opening of the slip road as well as the scheduled opening of the Incheon-Gimpo 2nd Beltway

The Plan for the Road around the North Port Hinterland Complex

Location Map