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Incheon in October, “Container” traffic increased by 10.4% year-on-year

2018.12.07. 712

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On 29 November, the Incheon Port Authority (, ㅊ Bonghyeon Nam) announced that the container traffic volume of Incheon Port last month was 274,856 TEUs, the highest traffic in October for all the years so far, up 10.4% from 248,944 TEUs in the same month last year.


The import container volume increased by 11,845 TEUs year-on-year to 139,305 TEUs, accounting for 50.7% of the total traffic. Exports were 131,408 TEUs, increased 13,348 TEUs year-on-year, while transshipment and coastal traffic volumes were 3,475 TEUs and 668 TEUs, respectively.


By country, the trade volume with China reached 165,961 TEUs, up 10.6% from 15,445 TEUs year-on-year, and the trade volume with Vietnam, which processed 25,067 TEUs last year, increased by 24.4% to 31,174 TEUs, respectively.

In addition, the traffic volume for Thailand was 9,396TEU, up by 1,562TEU from the previous year’s 7,834TEU to 19.9%.


The main items of increase were textile fibres, which increased by 37.5% (227,000 RT) to 1,668,000 RT *, 33.8% (59,000 RT) for machinery and 235,000 RT for machinery and 195,000 RT for wood 61.0% (74,000 RT), and among the 30 items processed, 22 items increased traffic volume, showing growth in most items.


   * RT: Revenue tons, which are calculated in weight or volume of cargo, of which the higher fare is determined by actual fare.


The main reasons for the increase in traffic volumes where the recovery of imports and exports to China after the Korean Thanksgiving Day in September, the continued increase in volumes of Vietnam and Thailand, and the activation of KNX route between Incheon - Gwangyang - Busan - Huangpu - Nansha - Hong Kong - Shanto, and so on.


The container traffic volumes in the period from January to October amounted to 256,7191 TEUs, up by 56,856 TEUs (2.7%) from 2,530,336 TEUs in the previous year, not only exceeding the previous year’s record, but also the highest traffic volumes. 


The vice president of the operating division of the Incheon Port Authority, Jeonghaeng Lee said, “during this year, due to the difficult situations in foreign countries such as slowing of exports to China due to the US-China trade disputes and sanctions against Iran, the IPA is actively engaged in the opening of new routes and the related cargo attraction marketing of forwarders and shipping companies, whereupon the trade volume has increased around the country, such as China, Vietnam and Thailand.”