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Incheon Port Targets Traffic Volume and Added Value Through Vitalization of Hinterland Complex

2022.02.06. 286

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○ Incheon Port Authority (, President Choi Jun-wook) said on February 6th that it will initiate “Marketing Support to Vitalize the Incheon Port Hinterland Complex in 2022,” a plan to vitalize the operation of its tenants and promote the available facilities.


○ According to the IPA, once they sign a contract, tenants of the hinterland complex operate the business for 30 to 50 years based on a large-scale construction and equipment investment. In other words, the creation of traffic volume in the Incheon Port and the strengthening of the competitiveness of the hinterland tenants are inextricably associated with one another from a mid-to-long-term perspective.


○ As such, IPA aims to will break away from the existing marketing efforts that had focused on shipping companies and shippers and redirect them toward using the infrastructure to vitalize the hinterland complex and create added value.


○ Specifically, IPA will carry out marketing activities for the hinterland complex in Incheon Port in three directions: activities to increase the sales of tenant companies, promotions to vitalize the hinterland, and support activities to improve businesses’ productivity.


○ First, IPA plans to provide customized joint marketing for each tenant based on the analysis of their operating conditions and problems to maintain their competitiveness and improve sales through strengthening the company’s capabilities in the rapidly changing business environment. In addition, a separate interview booth will be installed and operated to attract companies through 1:1 matching at the corporate conference held for major shippers and forwarders.


○ Next, IPA will discover potential clients and improve the awareness of Incheon Port by directly or indirectly promoting the hinterland complex. Such methods include marketing by visit and distributing brochures at industrial complexes using Incheon Port.


○ IPA will also provide support to improve tenant companies’ productivity through efforts such as industrial site support and overall management and technology support.


○ Kim Jong-gil, vice president of operation division at Incheon Port Authority, said, “We will conduct marketing activities through continuous communication with the tenants to revitalize the hinterland of Incheon Port.” He added, “We will do our best to offer customized joint marketing by carefully understanding the difficulties and concerns of tenant companies.”



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