Transportation and accessibility

Incheon New Port is near the Metropolitan Area

  • About 32km to Seoul
  • Within 20 minutes to Gyeongin Expressway
  • Within 30 minutes to Outer Circular Expressway and Yeongdong Expressway
  • Within 30 minutes to Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport
  • Within 90 minutes to 135 or more national and general industrial complexes

Incheon New Port near the Metropolitan Area

  • Near the Industrial Complexes      
    • Accessible to major industrial complexes and Seoul where 10,000 or more companies are tightly grouped
    • Near 135 national and provincial industrial complexes (National: 625 units)
  • Safe Arrival and Departure Conditions      
    • Located outside Incheon Grand Bridge enabling the safe arrival and departure of large vessels with optimal seaway conditions such as sufficient water levels, seaway width, etc.
  • Suitable Facility for Docking of a Maximum 12,000TEU Container Vessel      
    • Facilitates safe arrival and departure of large vessels by securing the dock water level of (-)16m (Considering the vessel draft and UKC 10%)
    • Super-post Panamax class container crane installation (22 lines / safe load of 65 ton)
  • One-Stop Service Provision      
    • Provides overall container facilities in the terminal land

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