International Passenger Terminal 2 Overview

  • Generals (Operation Start Date: '02. 4. 8)
    • Building Owner: Incheon Port Authority
    • Facility Management: Incheon Port Facilities Management Center / Guard and Security: Incheon Port Security
  • Facilities
    • Land Location: 147 Injung-ro Jung-gu Incheon (1-59 Hang-dong 7-ga)

      Land Location

    • Land Area: 40,791.7㎡
    • Building Area: 9,995.95㎡
    • Total Ground Area: 11,256.79㎡
    • Parking Capacity: 304 vehicles
    • Maximum Height: 11.35m

(Unit: ㎡)

CategoryTerminal BuildingGuard Post and Fee Adjustment Office
1st Fl.9,185.9516.65
2nd Fl.1,687.50-
Annex Building (Power Generation Room, Garbage Collection Place)104.49-

Occupant Agencies and Companies (Residents: About 217 persons)

Occupant Agencies and Companies (Residents: About 217 persons)
TotalRelevant AgenciesPassenger Ship CompaniesConveniencesMiscellaneous


  • Pier1, berth13: 4,500G/T (Length 156.5m, Water Level -9.0m)
  • Pier1, berth14: 4,500G/T (Length 156.5m, Water Level -8.5m)
  • Pier2, berth25: 8,000G/T (Length 165m, Water Level -9.0m)
  • Pier4, berth41: 20,000G/T (Length 200m, Water Level -11.0m)


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