Incheon Port Authority

Project Purpose


Resolving user inconveniences and increasing operational efficiency through construction of a new integrated International Passenger Pier & Terminal.

Enhancing the global status of Incheon Port and promoting regional development through construction of 7 car-ferry piers and a cruise only pier accommodating 225,000ton class cruise vessel

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan
Utilizing the Geographical Advantages
of the Project Site
Reflecting the Demands of the Metropolitan Area and the Needs
of Overseas Tourists
  • The site easily meets the future expansion demands of Incheon International Airport and New International Passenger Terminal
  • Improving accessibility by extending the 2nd metropolitan belt way and the Incheon Metro Line 1 to be opened later
  • The place with the best ocean view in the whole area of Incheon
  • The environment-friendly waterside complex and culture space is the nearest such facility to the metropolitan area
  • Satisfying the needs for both leisure and shopping through comfortable shopping facilities in the lower stories
  • Providing resort type spatiality that cannot be enjoyed in the downtown area by creating an environment-friendly waterside space
  • Creating the facility as a complex culture space enabling overseas tourists to experience various aspects of Korean culture

Car Ferry Passenger Demand Increase (1,000 persons), Cruise Passenger Demand Increase (1,000 persons)

Project Purpose
Total Project Expenses670.5 billion KRW
LocationThe sea in front of the west side of Incheon Ah-am Logistics Complex 2
Project OperatorIncheon Port Authority
Construction Period2012 ~ 2019

Securing the Regional Demand: Located in the Subway Line 1 Station District