Development Concept



Luxury Complex Tour Resort facing the West Sea tinged red by the setting sun

Natural image of the sunset of the West Sea + Branding of golden image traditionally favored by the Chinese

Developing the complex with shopping, entertainment, resort, and leisure facilities combined into one space

The new concept Oceanfront Complex is the nearest such facility to the metropolitan area

The Near Sea Destination, Global Tour Cruise, Yellow Sea, West Sea, New Wave, Setting Sun Sunset, Harbor, Port, Leisure, Rest, Healing, Convergence

New, Desire, Happiness, Pride = "Special, Unique, Own, Luxury"

Experience, Life style, Concern = "Rest, Play, Shopping, Care"

Port Complex, Program, Activation = "Hybrid, Networking, One"

Developing the new concept tour complex

Phased Development Plan

2nd Phase: Integrated Oceanfront Leisure + Resort Complex