Incheon Port Authority

Incheon Port Authority, the Reliable Partner for Your Success


Incheon Port Authority was established in 2005 to develop Incheon Port as a competitive logistics base and thereby contribute to the national economy. The goal of IPA is to develop port facilities and hinterland, as well as to improve expertise and efficiency in port management and operation, so that Incheon Port establishes itself as a leading base station for exchange in the Yellow Sea region. With the establishment of IPA, Incheon Port’s competitiveness has been enhanced with reinforced marine transportation, port and logistics functions. Incheon Port is continuously developing, strengthening its position as the core logistics center of Korea and contributing to the national economy.

In public recognition of IPA’s achievements, the agency was certified with the public agency management result evaluation class A among national port authorities. Existing resources and capabilities have been improved through tremendous efforts leading to an increase in asset valuation (2.8 trillion KRW) by 35%, six-fold growth of sales revenue (126 billion KRW) , and expansion of manpower from 118 personnel to 200 personnel compared to the figures at the time of establishment. Incheon Port Authority will strive to make Incheon Port a top-notch port with cargos, passengers, logistics, and tour business coordinated through the Golden Harbor Development Project focused mainly on constructing Incheon New Port, the New Incheon International Ferry Terminal, and other terminals.
Incheon port Authority, the reliable partner for your success.



History of IPA

  1. 2003- Port Authority Law was enacted (Law No. 6918)
  2. 2005- IPA was established (2005.7.11)
  3. 2006- The International Association of Ports and Harbors officially joined (2.1)
  4. 2007- IPA received the Ethical Management Award at the Korea Cultural Industry Awards
    - IPA expanded its business scope to include the management rights to marine facilities
    - The automatic port charge calculation simulation service for the first time in the world opened
  5. 2009- Merged Incheon Port Pier Management Corporation
    - Recognized as an excellent agency for three consecutive years after integrity evaluation
  6. 2010- Commenced one-stop services for Incheon Port customers
    - Achieved the highest grade in terms of public agency customer satisfaction for four consecutive years
    - Incheon Port Authority was selected as an excellent agency for two consecutive years after a survey on customer
      satisfaction for a public agency was conducted by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
  7. 2011- Patent of invention for the detachable fender
    - Opened I-Pus, the Incheon Port web portal
    - Incheon Port Authority applied for a crane patent technology.
    - The inner port of Incheon Port introduced an environment-friendly eco-hopper.
  8. 2012- Received the grand prize for the most ethical company CEO in Korea (Fortune Korea)
    - Developed a hybrid buffer stop for the port
    - Brand Identity (BI) signature of Incheon Port was selected as Good Design (GD)
    - Rated A in the evaluation of business management and head of institution
    - Received Eco-Green Technology Award (MKE)
  9. 2013- Applied for the patent of invention of the LED floodlight used exclusively for ports
    - Started the SMS service to notify customers on container terminal congestion
    - The device for fixing the detachable defender was designated as the new construction technology certified by the
      Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
    - Commissioned MV. Echo Nuri, the environment-friendly LNG-operated vessel for the first time in Asia
    - GWP selected(3 consecutive years) IPA as one of the 100 best agencies to work for in Korea
    - More than 1million passengers had visited Incheon Coastal Passenger Terminal and Incheon International Passenger
      Terminal each.
    - Incheon Port handled 2.16 million TEU. First time record over its previous highest of 2million TEU
  10. 2014- Hong Kong office was established
    - Continued to have the highest levels of customer satisfaction for eight consecutive years
  11. 2015- The 10th anniversary of the founding of Incheon Port Authority
    - Received the grand prize for Korea CEOs, the ‘Grand Prize for Consensus Management and Mutual Growth’
    - Declared Vision 2015 - Platform for global Logistics and Tourism on it's 10th anniversary (2015.7.11)
    - Finalized the document work for the one-hour arrival and departure tug-boat service in New Incheon Port for one hour
      (Incheon Local Tug-Boat Operation Council)
  12. 2016- Selected as the best company of Integrity
  13. 2017- Continued to have the highest levels of customer satisfaction for 10 consecutive years
    - Selected as a leisure-friendly company
  14. 2018- Received a presidential citation at the National Productivity Award, hosted by the Ministry of
      Trade, Industry and Energy
  15. 2019- Ranked the first among public institutions in gas emission reductions by the Ministry of Environment