Incheon Port, a Strong Platform for Boosting the Korean Economy

IPA has remained dedicated to the national and local economies as a main pillar of port logistics while developing and operating Incheon Port

The ratio of the port industry to the gross product of Incheon

History of Incheon Port

  1. 1883- Incheon Port was opened
  2. 1902- The first 121 immigrants of Korea leftIncheon Port and went to Hawaii
  3. 1903- The first lighthouse of Korea (PalmidoLighthouse) was constructed at Incheon Port
  4. 1918- Lock Gate 1 of Incheon Port wasconstructed
  5. 1974- Lock Gate 2 of Incheon Port wasconstructed / the largest lock gate facility in Asia and the firstcontainer Pier(Pier 4)
      in Korea was opened
  6. 1978- Nine cargo storage sheds were newly built
  7. 1982- The Pier 7 (Silo exclusively for grain)was completed
  8. 1983- The Pier 2 was completed
  9. 1985- The Pier 8 and expanded Wharf 1 werecompleted
  10. 1990- One 50,000 ton class lock gate andcompleted the coastal port expanded
  11. 1993- The Pier 5 was completed
  12. 1995- The first basic port plan was established
  13. 1995- The Pier 6 was completed
  14. 1998- The international passenger wharfexpansion work was completed
  15. 2000- International Passenger Terminal #1 wasopened
  16. 2001- The construction of the 1st stage of theSouth Port Incheon Container Terminal (ICT) was started
    - Thesecond National Basic Trade Port plan was established
  17. 2002- International Passenger Terminal #2 wasopened
  18. 2004- Phase 1 Incheon Container Terminal (ICT)was opened
  19. 2005- Sunkwang Incheon Container Terminal (SICT)was opened
    - The first stage of the South Port Sun KwangContainer Terminal (SICT) was opened
    - The 1 million TEUlevel of container traffic
    - The second stage of the SouthPort Sun Kwang Container Terminal (SICT) was opened
  20. 2006- The North Port Dongkuk Steel Terminal wasopened
  21. 2007- The North Port Hyundai Steel Terminal wasopened
  22. 2008- The North Port Timber Terminal was opened
    -The North Port Dongbu Terminal was opened
    - The 2nd stage ofthe South Port Incheon Container Terminal (ICT) was opened
    -The annual container handling quantity of Incheon Port jumped to ‘65th place in the World’
    - Built the Metropolitan JointDistribution Center in Incheon Port
  23. 2009- E1 Container Terminal (E1CT) was opened
    -The North Port Sun Kwang Terminal was opened
    - Constructionof the Phase 1 Incheon New Port Container Terminal (6 berths)commenced
    - The North Port Ssangyong Terminal (KCTC) wasopened
  24. 2010- The construction of the joint distributioncenter used exclusively for the LCL console service completed
    -The North Port Hanjin Heavy industries Terminal was completed
  25. 2011- The North Port CJ Korea Express Terminalwas opened
    - The North Port Hanjin Terminal was opened
    -The construction of the Ah-am Distribution Complex 1 completed
  26. 2012- The construction of the stage 1 of theInternational Passenger Terminal of Incheon Port started
    -Hanjin Heavy Industries Terminal(Dongbang Terminal) at the North Portwas oened
    - Incheon Port International Passenger Terminalconstruction started
  27. 2013- Superstructure of the Incheon New PortContainer Terminal in Phase Ⅰ-1 started
    - The number ofcoastal passengers of Incheon Port passed one million
  28. 2014- Incheon Port Passenger Terminal (IPPT)Established (Corporation Aggregate)
    - The Incheon New PortWater depth was set to 16 meters
    - Unloading equipment intoIncheon New Port Terminal B (SNCT)
    - The 2 million TEU levelof container traffic of Incheon Port in the shortest period passed
    -The Vessel Operation Information Service for the Coastal PassengerTerminal Improved (Providing real-time
  29. 2015- The access road to New Incheon Port opened
    -Incheon New Port was opened (SNCT)
    - Unloading equipment intoTerminal (HJIT) was brought
    - The New Incheon Port managementwharf officially opened
    - The construction of the stage 1 ofthe International Passenger Terminal of Incheon Port completed
  30. 2016- Annual container volume exceeded 2.5Milllion TEU
  31. 2017- Incheon new port opens entire area (HJIT,SNCT)
    - Opening of cruise pier at Incheon New InternationalPassenger Terminal
    - Incheon Port’s container freight traffic volume surpassed 3 million TEU
  32. 2018- The 100th anniversary of Lock Gate Incheon Inner Port’s Silo Supergraphic was listed in the Guinness World Records as the largest outdoor mural
  33. 2019- Cruise Terminal was opened New International Passenger Terminal was constructed