International Passenger Terminal 1,2

Passenger Terminal, The Center of Maritime Travel Culture

Incheon International Ferry Terminal has two terminals where nine shipping companies provide services carrying passengers and cargo to 10 major cities in the Northern part of China.


International Passenger Terminal 1,2
Ferry NameRoute Frequency/
Time Required
DalianBIRYONG3 times per week / 16 hoursDain Ferry 032-891-7100International
Terminal 1
DandongOriental Pearl Ⅵ3 times per week / 16hoursDandong Int’ Ferry 032-891-3322
YantaiXiang Xue Lan3 times per week / 17hoursHanjoong Ferry Lines 032-891-8880
ShidaoHuadong Pearl Ⅷ3 times per week / 15hoursHwadong Shipping 032-891-8877
YingkouArafura Lily2 times per week / 26hoursPan Korea Yingkou Ferry 032-891-5858
QinhuangdaoXin Yu Jin Xiang2 times per week / 23hoursQin-in Ferry 032-891-9600
QingdaoNew Golden Bridge Ⅴ3 times per week / 17hoursWeidong Ferry 032-770-8000International
Terminal 2
WeihaiNew Golden Bridge Ⅶ3 times per week / 14hoursWeidong Ferry 032-770-8000
TianjinTian Ren2 times per week / 26hoursJinchon Ferry 032-777-8260
LianyungangHarmony Yungang2 times per week / 24hoursLianyungang C-K Ferry 032-770-3700