Incheon Internatinal Ferry Terminal

International Ferry Terminal, Becoming a Global Maritime Tourism Platform

We will expand maritime tourism infrastructure by constructing a new international passenger terminal with eight berths, one for 225k-ton cruise ships and seven for car ferries. Such berths will alleviate inefficiency and customer inconveniences arising from the separation of the two existing terminals.


Incheon Internatinal Ferry Terminal
CategoryNew International Passenger TerminalCruise Terminal
Address300-3, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
(Road name address not assigned)
438, Gukjehangman-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
(Land lot address not assigned)
Size▶Total Terminal Floor Area : 65,421㎡
▶Port Gate : Unit 1 / 1,368㎡
▶Terminal Area : 6,566㎡
▶Fixed Gangway : Unit 1 / 798㎡
FloorInformation▶ Floor 1 : Parking Lot (with 902 spaces), Cargo ConsignmentArea, etc.
▶Floor 2 : Arrival Hall, Main Hall, Waiting Room, etc.
▶Floor 3 : CIQ, Resident Companies, Amenities, etc.
▶Floor 4 : Departure Hall, Duty-Free Shops, Amenities, etc.
▶Floor 5 : Event Hall, etc.
▶ Floor 1 : Arrival Hall, Waiting Room, CIQ, CargoProcessing Zone, etc.
▶ Floor 2 : Departure Hall, Waiting Room, CIQ, FixedGangway, etc.