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2016.01.27. 2085

Northeast Asia, a region with limitless possibilities.
The Port of Incheon has always been at the center of
Northeast Asia’s frontiers, opening new worlds every day

Incheon Port’s advantage lies in its extreme proximity with China,
the world’s factory and marketplace, as well as being a stone’s
throw away from the nation’s capital.

With such geographic advantages, the Port of Incheon, since
its inauguration in 1883, has played a vital role as a
principal seaport for a capital concentrated with commerce and industry.

In addition, the world-renowned Incheon Int’l Airport is also
in very close proximity, with incheon port and the dense network of highways around it
quickly (and conveniently) connecting the entire country.
It has the most optimal conditions for logistics and trade, (hands-down).

With the best condition for global business  throughout  the Northeast Asia,
an international port stands proudly at the pivotal center of
trade within the Yellow Sea region.
This is Incehon Port !

23,480 m in total pier length, capacity for 120 concurrent berthings,
an Inner Port for automobiles and general goods, and South and North Ports for containers and bulk freight:
together make up Incheon Port, located near the Seoul metropolitan area, and the hub for all kinds of consumer goods.

Incheon Port also has 10 international car ferry routes
With over 1 million passengers, and the increase
of cruise callings  has brought this busy port into
international spotlight.

Transport your goods at low cost by sea, or benefit from the speed of air freight with a comprehensive Sea & Air transport service

built on a systematic logistics and transportation infrastructure,
making it easier for Incheon Port customers to do their business.

What sets this port from others is that the Port of Incheon offers
distinguished services in order to provide clients
with a most desirable business environment.

Cutting-edge advanced RFID port entry technologies have streamlined
Port security and trade efficiencies, while the “I-PLUS” U-system provides
accurate information. The Port of Incheon is already leading a new
era of smart ports.

The Port of Incheon has evolved through innovation after innovation.
Yet, still relentless with its goals, the port
decided to expand itself to be a port infrastructures,
bringing into fruition the new era of foreign trade.

One of the most noticeable things about us is the new port that will drive our growth.

Accommodating ships of up to 10,000 TEUs, the new port will begin as a global port where world ocean routes converge.

In addition, development of the hinterland complex will help Incheon Port fulfill its intended role as an advanced logistics hub.

As the international passenger terminals phase in, which can berth car ferries and large cruise ships,
Incheon Port will be the best destination for marine tourism in Northeast Asia.
Through the new port, we seek to respond faster to changing customer needs and port environments,
to achieve our vision of being a top general purpose port.

Behind the success of all of the innovations and growth for Incheon Port, where people, cargo, and information come together, is the Incheon Port Authority.

Through the cooperation with other institutions, Incheon Port Authority is able to offer one-stop service for the satisfaction of our customers. We are also devoted to the continued development of technology that will make us the number one “green” port.

Our efforts are the foundation stones upon which we build trust and confidence among our clients.

We have been singled out for excellence in customer satisfaction for 6 consecutive years, but this is only one of the many results of our hard work.

Incheon Port Authority is never satisfied in its pursuit of innovation and change,
as we seek to continue being the responsible company that our customers trust and love.

Passion, Innovation, and Creation…

The path of Incheon Port is on
continues (on) through today.
At the heart of Korea,
at the heart of Asia,
and at the heart of the world….
Towards a new(er) future,
and towards an exhilarating tomorrow…
The Port of Incheon continues its passionate step forwards…