2016.01.27. 2150

Towards the eco-friendly future, Incheon Port Authority’s blue voyage begins.


In the 20th century, the world has achieved remarkable growth, allowing us to live a brighter and more abundant life today.


But the growth has been accompanied by pollution, global warming and other climate changes that we had not anticipated.


Against this backdrop, Incheon Port Authority built EcoNuri, the first LNG fuelled ship in Asia, as a vision of the future for eco-friendly ships.

EcoNuri is powered by liquefied natural gas, a cheaper, more efficient fuel than diesel,
presenting a “green” technology that can benefit Korea and the world.

Onboard EcoNuri, the liquefied natural in the storage tanks goes through a vaporizer and engine to generate electric power.


Electric propulsion drives the motor, which in turn powers the propeller.
From design to ship building, safety was the first priority.
Econuri’s deigns was developed through robust structural analysis, and vulnerable points were strengthened by calculating LNG tank’s load effects on the ship.

Unlike existing ships that can cause catastrophic levels of pollution in accidents at sea, LNG-fueled ships employ an eco-friendly technology where fuel is volatilized.

Compared to disel oil, LNG as a fuel reduces carbon emissions by 23% and sulfur oxide by 100%.

Reduction on Econuri’s carbon emission is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide 20,000 pine trees absorb annually – and this is substantial contribution to the environment.

Before building the EcoNuri, the appropriate laws had to be put in place, the Urban Gas Act revised and other various measures taken to set a new standard for LNG ships.

We are ready to build on our position as a sustainable center of the economy and trade, to become the number one “green” port.
Incheon Port Authority’s LNG fueled ship EcoNuri – leads Korea to a greener future.

Restoring the environment to its original state, that is what compels us to take on such a challenge.

For a happier tomorrow – and for a greener and abundant future,
Incheon Port Authority will continue to sail toward tomorrow.