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Incheon Port Holds ESG Management Declaration Ceremony

2021.11.23. 713

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□ Incheon Port Authority (, President Choi Jun-wook), announced in the afternoon of the 23rd that it held an "ESG Management Declaration Ceremony" at the authority office with Incheon Port Security (President Ryu Kuk-hyung, hereinafter IPS) and Incheon Port Facility Management Center (CEO Lee Hee-young, hereinafter IPFC) to create the sustainable future value of Incheon Port.


   * ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance.


□ The declaration ceremony, designed to announce Incheon Port's ESG management strategy, 2030 ESG management goals, and drive to achieve them, was attended by IPA's executives including President Choi Joon-wook, IPS President Ryu Kuk-hyung, and IPFC CEO Lee Hee-young, etc.


□ IPA presented three strategic directions and 12 detailed strategic tasks through its ESG management strategy. The three strategic directions include Realization of an eco-friendly port ecosystem (E) Promotion of port society values of win-win and cooperation (S) Establishment of governance structure of fairness and trust (G).


□ In particular, IPA established its own ESG management system by setting '2030 ESG Goals', which include A fine dust reduction rate of 60% Generation of 20.8 GWh of renewable energy Best safety management grade Highest perceived shared growth rate (1st class) Highest integrity level Highest information sharing level.


□ Next, the representatives of each institution signed the ‘Joint Declaration on ESG Management Practice,’ and pledged to make joint efforts to strengthen ESG management innovation. The declaration contains promises to create a safer and cleaner Incheon Port based on cooperation, to spread a fair working culture, and further cooperation.


□ In addition, IPA plans to hold a two-week ESG Practice Week to internalize ESG management among employees, which includes Resource-circulating social contributions by donating padded mufflers made of recycled yarn A no-plastic campaign at the in-house cafe Walking with colleagues and the circulation of blood donation cards Spread of fairness and eradication of ‘power tripping’ amongst others.


□ Incheon Port Authority President Choi Jun-wook said, “Through this declaration ceremony, we will accelerate the implementation of ESG management for sustainable growth at Incheon Port," adding, “Through continuous management innovation and fulfillment of social responsibility, we will be reborn as a public company that meets the needs of the people and is trusted by the people,” he said.


□ Meanwhile, IPA formed an ESG Management Committee last month, held its 1st ESG Management Committee, and organized a dedicated ESG Working Group to commence full-fledged ESG management.



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