Incheon New Port Stage I-1 Container Terminal Construction Project

  • Hanjin Incheon Container Terminal(HJIT)

    Hanjin Incheon Container Terminal(HJIT)

    Details of the Facilities at the Terminal

    Details of the Facilities at the Terminal
    ① Operation Headquarters3,893.861,180
    ② CFS5,443.291,650
    ③ Front Gate1,204.32365
    ④ Main Substation957.63290
    ⑤ Gas Station124.4438
    ⑥ Workshop1,492.69452
    ⑦ Service Station Area--
    ⑧ Water Treatment Plant63.5219
    ⑨ Cleaning Area
    ⑩ Fire Extinguisher Cannon Facility22.576.8
    ⑪ Refrigerated Container Substation492.83149
    ⑫ ARMGC Substation159.0048
    ⑬ Worker Waiting Area669.48203
    Hanjin Incheon Container Terminal(HJIT)
    Berthing EquipmentEquipment at the Yard

    Berthing Equipment

    Equipment at the Yard

    • Name : RMQC (Twin Lift System)
    • Features : Possible to handle two 20FT containers simultaneously
    • Manufacturer : ZPMC
    • Handling Capacity : 45 units per hour
    • Name : ARMGC
    • Features : Yard automation at the horizontal placement wharf
    • Manufacturer : ZPMC
    • Handling Capacity : Operation of vessel’s own crane (remote) YT-ARMGC, Moving in and out operation (remote) ARMGC-YT